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School Sessions

From interest-piquing performances & presentations to term-spanning courses, Sarah has lovingly created a range of spoken word, performance poetry & writing workshops; loaded with fun, interactive activities & energetic expression to spark interest, encourage a love of language and nurture healthy self-expression for primary school aged children through to young adults.

All aspects of Sarah's performances, workshops & courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school or organisation. Contact her today to discuss your requirements & provide your students with an unforgettable immersive learning experience that is likely to serve them into their adult lives.

Slam Show | 50 minutes

Performance poetry has a unique ability to captivate our youth with it's use of emotive intonation, rhythm, non-verbal sounds and gestures, movements, visual cues and often, rhyme which collectively keep audiences engaged and even compel the resistant to actively listen. Spoken word poetry fosters compassionate communication, leaving less room for misconception while breaking down barriers of page and print that can frequently alienate young audiences from poetry and a love of literature. Sarah's Slam Shows present poetry to youthful groups in a way that allows them to be excited and feel really connected to the genre. Usually lasting 50 minutes, the shows are motivational, energetic and provide a great foundation for discussion on topics raised and poetic education in general.


Writing Workshops | 2 hours

Poetry has the power to be a truly transformative . Young people who encounter and experiment with this art form are gifted the opportunity to have their minds and even their lives changed as they discover the power of their own words. Sarah's Writing Workshops are dedicated to holistically serving and uplifting young voices through the honing of effective, respectful communication coupled with honest introspection, identity reclamation and fostering a culture of empathetic listening all while reminding our youth that they are not alone, that their stories matter and that everybody deserves a voice. Sarah uses engaging prompts and dynamic exercises to make the writing process approachable, fun and authentic. Participants are provided the tools to create a piece of performance poetry in these sessions that generally last 2 hours. 


Slam School with Sarah | 8 weeks (1 term)

Slam School is a comprehensive and compassionate extended learning experience, designed to leave a lasting impact on participants as well as school pride, morale and student enthusiasm. Comprising of creative exercises, guided discussions, poetry writing prompts and performance opportunities- Sarah's Slam School program supports students in making personal enquiry, developing effective communication and emboldening emotional maturity. Designed to motivate and invigorate youthful minds while nurturing a love and respect for language and literacy, this program teaches participants the skills required to effectively harness the power of succinct story sharing while promoting  empathetic contemplation. Presented over an 8 week period, with a poetry slam showcase event hosted at the end of the program, this is a truly enriching program for participants and  facilitators alike.

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