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Performances & Presentations

Word Travels - APS Nationals 2022 - Photo credit Nicola Bailey - 182_edited_edited.jpg

Photo credit: Nicola Bailey

Service Name

Sarah brings the ability to speak on prescient issues to all of her performances and appearances. Her creativity and passion authentically connects with audiences, provoking contemplation of topics long after the performance has ended. With decades of experience in event management and coordination under her belt, Sarah knows what it takes to successfully execute functions of a wide variety, allowing her to bring invaluable professionalism, attention and care to each occasion she is involved with.

Service Name

Sarah seamlessly weaves anecdotes, stories and humour into her appearances. Her narrative-driven presentations spark genuine intrigue from audiences, regardless of subject matter. Upon request, Sarah can be commissioned to create spoken word and/or written pieces on specific topics, focusing on particular ideas, themes and concepts.

Sarah Lock Poet performs Live on the lawn

Photo credit: Zac Lovett

Sarah Lock 2 (1).jpg
Sarah Lock 2 (1)_edited.jpg

Service Name

From succinct appearances of 1 to 3 poems to enthralling sessions that can span a few hours, Sarah's unique artistic expression will be a highlight feature of any festival, celebration, conference, team-building or campaign event.

Based in Northern Rivers NSW, Sarah can be booked for local,national, international and online performances.

Enquire now to secure Sarah for your upcoming event and provide your guests with an extraordinary immersive experience to remember.

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